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You're going to discover:

  • The exact tools you need to build a profitable list

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  • What needs to go into your free offer to actually entice people to subscribe to your list

  • How to build your squeeze page for optimum conversions

  • Crafting the killer one-time offer that will convert your subscribers into buyers instantly

  • How to add a high-dollar upsell to your funnel even if you don't have your own products right now

  • What you need to do to setup your autoresponder properly (most people mess this up BIG TIME!)


  • You get the squeeze page that converts at 61%

  • You get the exact traffic sources I'm using to drive hundreds of leads to my sales funnel and make money on autopilot

Now, you're probably thinking... "This sounds great but..."

"Will it work for me?"

If you're looking for an easy way to make money without doing any work, then this is probably not for you. But, if you want a proven system and you're not afraid of getting your hands dirty, it's guaranteed to work for YOU... because this system is designed to work for ANYONE!

You will learn how to start from scratch, build a list quickly and use that list as leverage to get thousands of leads all while making money at the same time! And if you already have a list, you'll learn how to DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your list size in the next 30 days!

But this system may NOT be for everyone...

Don't buy if...

  1. You think spending your time trying to get traffic from social media sites will make you successful...

  2. You think the pages you get ranked in Google will still be there after the next update...

  3. You think you will eventually find the "Magic Bullet" that will make you rich if you just keep searching...

Do buy if...

  1. You want to wake up every morning knowing exactly what you're going to do to build your list and make money online...

  2. You want to grow your list faster than you ever thought possible and watch the sales pour in every time you send a promotion to your list...

  3. You want a proven system that will create a real asset in your business and make you money while you sleep...
Listen, you can continue to struggle on your own, jumping from one thing to the next, buying useless crap...


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List Building Profits System

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Michelle Janosi

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